Gunsmith Time

It’s time to think about time… and your bottom line.

by Arthur J. Hunt Sr.
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Scope Leveler Device

Canting a rifle will always degrade accuracy to some extent but there are positive measures that can be taken to alleviate this on our way to reliable accuracy. Here’s how to make, install, and test a scope leveler.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Ruger SR1911R Upgrade

Working Ruger’s take on a Browning classic.

by RK Campbell
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Making Holes Disappear

A restoration approach to handling unsightly holes in a firearm.

by Robert E. Fried
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Barrels For Custom AR-15s, Part 2

How barrel characteristics influence pressure, shooting military ball ammo, and determining optimal twist rates.

by Joe Carlos
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Hi-Point CF-380

Detailed disassembly and maintenance of an inexpensive .380 pistol.

by Mark R. Hollensen
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Smart Armor Cube

Smart Armor in partnership with Arrow Electronics has developed their Smart Cube, a Bluetooth-enabled smart lock monitored and controlled via iOS or Android app for securing and monitoring access. Easily installable, the 1.25” cube includes an app that tracks and monitors access to any number of locked locations.

The Smart Armor Cube can be accessed from any smartphone, computer or tablet using the included software. The device can be accessed via Bluetooth so long as you have your access code. The Cube’s CR2 battery lasts over a year if accessed ten times daily and the app shows remaining battery life in real time so you’ll know when to replace it.

Once installed on a door, drawer, cabinet, tool box, or other container you want secured, the Smart Armor Cube lock is controlled by an app via Bluetooth connection. The Cube can be set to automatically unlock whenever your smart device is in range or set to require an additional access code determined by you. Other users, such as your shop employees, family members, etc., can also be granted access to any or all of the Cube locks as you dictate. Every time a lock is accessed, the entry is logged and timestamped with that user’s ID.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication protocol, a single app can act as a universal key for any number of locks. Other users using the same app on their iOS or Android device can be granted access to any or all of these locks as you see fit. For simple and less secure applications, the lock can be mounted with double-sided 3M tape resistant to up to 100 pounds of force. For additional rigidity, the Cube lock can be bolted in place. Synced with the app, the Cube opens and closes the lock. Locate your valuables, share customized access with others, and track activation history. If someone tries to tamper with the device, it will send out an alert. In the case of a lost or dead phone, the Smart Cube can be accessed from any device with the free software installed after entering your ID and unique access code.

Pre-orders shipped summer 2017. MSRP is $89 or $225 for three. For more information, visit

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