Scope Leveler Device

Canting a rifle will always degrade accuracy to some extent but there are positive measures that can be taken to alleviate this on our way to reliable accuracy. Here’s how to make, install, and test a scope leveler.

by Norman E. Johnson

As a measure in the process of eliminating – or at least reducing – the effects of accuracy-robbing scope canting, we can install a scope leveling device designed for the purpose. These levelers are for sale and range widely in price, or we can conveniently make them from readily-available materials. This will be the approach covered in this treatise.

As a rifleman and gunsmith, it behooved me to determine precisely how rifle canting actually affected bullet impact on target. Some years ago, and more recently, I conducted definitive tests to reveal the effects of rifle sight canting. As a scoped rifle is shot, the sight reticle (crosshairs) should be perpendicular to the aim point on target, or as uniform as possible from shot to shot. Under normal shooting conditions a shooter can arrive fairly close to maintaining a vertical and horizontal scope reticle without canting error, but it seldom occurs. Errors here are more critical while target shooting or shooting game at long range. The insidious effects of scope rotation can creep in as the shooter aims and shoots the rifle from shot-to-shot.

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