Vedder LightTuck IWB

Self defense is an increasingly popular reason for gun ownership. With some legal provision for concealed carry in every State, having the effective means of carrying is an important part of the process. Vedder’s LightTuck IWB is a kydex holster providing a sound option. Weighing in at 2.8 ounces without the clip for full-size handguns such as the Beretta 92, this adjustable Kydex holster adds minimal weight and bulk to a carry gun.

Formed of a reinforced 0.080″ Kydex shell for strength, the holster body is sleek and keeps placement consistent, allowing for a repeatable draw and easy re-holstering. A full sweat shield minimizes the amount of contact between the gun and the body, keeping the slide sweat free and improving comfort. Full sight channels accommodate all standard sights and loaded chamber indicators. Custom options are available at no additional charge for a modified setup or larger aftermarket sights. The holster body can be adjusted for retention, increasing or decreasing the amount of force needed to clear the handgun as desired.

Vedder uses an adjustable spring steel clip for securing to the belt. In addition to being a tuckable design (the shirt or other concealing garment can tuck over the holster and pistol and inside the belt/waistband, if desired) a steel clip is thinner than plastic clips of sufficient strength would be. This adds minimal bulk and leaves virtually no print at the beltline for more discreet carry.

The holster is adjustable for ride height, featuring three levels of adjustment, allowing users to choose how they carry it, from high above the belt line to down further and deeper inside. Cant can be adjusted to about 30 degrees forward and back, making the holster usable in a number of useful carry positions, including appendix carry, crossdraw, or a more standard 3-5 o’clock position.

Vedder holsters come standard in black kydex but are offered in 75 colors and patterns for a large variety of gun models for right and left handed shooters. The units come standard with two different sized clips to accommodate standard belts up to 1.5″ or larger gun belts up to 1.75″. The company offers a 30 day risk-free trial, allowing purchasers to return for a refund of the holster price if dissatisfied, and a lifetime warranty thereafter. Vedder’s complete line is available online at or by calling 352/729-6749.

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