Marlin 336 Firing Pin

Parts replacement poses unique differences among firearms. Here’s how replacing the firing pin on a Marlin Model 336 lever action went.

by Norman E. Johnson

Part of my service as a firearms technician includes sighting in all manner of guns. This picks up markedly as the firearms deer season nears. It was such an occasion when a hunter brought in a Marlin Model 336 lever action chambered in .30-30 Winchester. The rifle had been regularly sighted in for the past several years, requiring but a shot or two to attain zero. As I chambered a round I looked his way and said, “The old 336 is about as dependable a rifle as a hunter can carry afield.” Moments later, as I pulled the trigger, the rifle failed to fire. I re-cocked the hammer and… nothing! The same thing happened with the next cartridge. There wasn’t even a firing pin mark on the primer.

Upon initial inspection, it was determined that…

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