AR-15s, the progenitor of the longest serving service rifle in United States history as well as the so-called “Modern Sporting Rifle”, all share a common design feature. The barrel extension where the lugs of the bolt lock up, often called the “star chamber”, is a bit of a pain to get into for cleaning. While legions of drill sergeants/instructors have wrongly and ignorantly forced generations of troops to clean small arms to the point of their premature demise, proper maintenance does necessitate keeping areas where moving parts mate (such as locking lugs) free from excess fouling and debris.

Super Brush, LLC (SuperBrush.com) produces foam applicator solutions for industrial, medical, aerospace, printing, firearm, and other industries under the Swab-its brand. Foam swabs are a replacement for fuzzy cotton swabs that have a tendency to leave lint and fiber remnants during use, which may be a problem in precision applications. This is useful when applying solvents, adhesives, sealants, paint, lubricants, and other materials.

Swab-its offers Star Chamber Cleaning Foam Swabs specifically designed for for AR-15/M16/M4 and similar Modern Sporting Rifles based on the design. These swabs feature wings that penetrate locking lugs to quickly and easily clean the internal diameter of the barrel extension. Each lint-free and fiber-free tip can be used multiple times and should outlast a similar priced bag of patches, mops, and felt pads. Like all Swab-its foam swabs, each tip is washable and reusable with degreasing soap and water or mineral spirits. The handles double as Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) and are a yellow color as seen with NRA and CMP chamber flags.

Swab-its Bore-Tips and Bore-Whips come in major calibers and are threaded for standard cleaning rods. They compress as they enter the barrel and then expand into the rifling as they travel through the bore with a 360 degree tight bore fit. Swab-its Gun-tips are foam swabs designed to clean other parts of firearms. They come in assorted lengths, head sizes, and thickness with their own handles made of flexible polypropylene. The 3-in-1 Swab-its Bore-Sticks are a caliber-specific replacement for a rod, jag, and patch that come with their own handle.

In addition to the current offerings, Swab-its is working on new caliber options as well as a Multi-Cal Bore-Whip. Ordering can be done from the company directly (Swab-its.com, 413/543-1442) or from local gunsmiths and gun shops near you.

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