Changing And Regulating Glock Sights

How to modify and set up sights for this popular service pistol.

by RK Campbell

I have always shied away from making modifications to the action of service pistols, limiting work to necessary repairs, part replacement such as springs, and a little work with the grips. I stick with factory magazines for these guns. However, when it comes to Glock sights, I’ve been changing these since from my very first assignment to test and evaluate the Glock for a police department when the pistol was first introduced. Perhaps the original sights were OK for a fast-and-dirty, close range sight picture but I wanted greater accuracy potential. After all, I wanted to see just what the pistol would do in testing. The first run of Glock .40 pistols did not exhibit what I felt was service-grade accuracy. Later developments and the addition of Novak sights resulted in a pistol that could be counted on for combat accuracy to 50 yards. To do so, replacing the sights is necessary. Front sights on first generation Glocks weren’t firmly attached and often drug off when drawing from hard shell holsters. Today, the front sight staking is much more secure but the screw and front post arrangement is superior.

I have added…

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