Remington 141 Facelift

Renovating Remington’s classic pump-action rifle.

by Paul Mazan

I love to work on guns that haven’t crossed my path before. Recently, a customer brought a tired old Remington 141 into my shop that just begged to be worked on. I’ve never been a big fan of the pump action in any type of firearm but this one had the twin attraction of being a gun I had never worked on and chambered in .35 Remington, a caliber I have never used. Topped off by a long-discontinued Balfour scope and Pachmayr mount, it was a combination I couldn’t pass up. Everything worked as it should but the old girl had definitely seen some time in the field and was pretty tired. There was light, scattered pitting on the receiver and barrel, bluing wear on the high spots, and the stock finish had seen better days. All in all, it was the perfect specimen for a bit of customizing and refinishing.

The Model 141 followed on the heels of the Model 41 and is a sleeker, reliable, and handy rifle. It was manufactured from 1935-1950 with the exception of the war years. About 76,881 were made. One of the attractions of the gun is the pre-war craftsmanship. The action is…

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