Ruger Ultimate Bullseye Upgrade, Part One

From workhorse to thoroughbred, the prolific and popular Ruger Mark I and II rimfire pistols are readily converted into top Bullseye performers.

by David Allen Dumeah

Several years ago while plinking at our local sportsman’s club, I ran into fellow shooters who competed in NRA Precision Pistol, often known simply as Bullseye shooting. They invited me to join the sport with them and explained to me the rigors of what it took to play the game. Not really having a Bullseye-grade pistol, I didn’t know where to start. I went to a local old-time gun shop and talked to the owner behind the counter. He recommended something like a Hammerli, S&W 41, Walther, High Standard, Benelli or a Pardini. Having recently purchased a Ruger Standard from my pastor for $150, I asked if it could be suitable and he remarked that it was well within the capabilities of shooting Bullseye, however, its trigger system would make it more difficult to be a strong competitive pistol. That said, the journey started. Since then, I have successfully built dozens Rugers that I see weekly on our Bullseye line in the hands of the top shooters competing with great success.

I must preface this presentation with the caution that these pistols when completed are not picnic plinkers for the whole family to play with. I cannot repeat that strongly enough. When finished, these pistols will easily keep up with the most expensive European-made models. You will see throughout that this requires a tremendous amount of attention to detail. Some of it is seemingly quite minor, however, all of the “itty bittys” can add up to an “I gotcha.”

There are three serious disclaimers…

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