FFL Compliance And Retail Manager

Online compliance and retail managers may be an ideal fit for your business.

by Dean Meier
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What You Need To Know About The Barrel Break-In Process

What You Need To Know About The Barrel Break-In Process
by Grant Ubl

Mystery and misconception surrounds the barrel break-in process. Is it necessary? How long-winded should this process be? What are the benefits? All are viable questions.

Before we get into various break-in procedures, let’s look at how barrels are manufactured and what shooters face when approaching a virgin barrel. Barrels are manufactured using several different processes to put the rifling into the bore. The processes selected and the finishing or final-lapping technique used will determine interior barrel smoothness. Here, we’ll assume that all barrels in this discussion have the exact same interior dimensions. Always keep in mind the barrel production process might leave minuscule marks in the bore that are 90 degrees to bullet travel, which will affect the collection of fouling.


Making M70 Ejector Pins

Making a gun part may prove less complicated than ordering one, particularly when the part is needed in a hurry. Here’s how I made a Winchester Model 70 ejector pin.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Bore Throating With Precision And Control

How to use a chamber reamer with maximum precision and control.

by Norman E. Johnson
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ITAR Regulation Update

Shotgun Adjustable Comb Installation Tricks

Unsophisticated mechanics can help with adjustable comb installation in difficult cases.

by Sergey Lyalko
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Ruger Ultimate Bullseye Upgrade, Part Two

We finish our Ruger Bullseye upgrade by completing the trigger job, internals, magazine, and grip.

by David Allen Dumeah
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