MTM Case-Gard

The High-Low Shooting Table is a portable, adjustable benchrest-style shooting table for left and right handed shooters capable of standing between 18” to 55” tall. Stabilized with three legs and footings that wedge in to the ground, the High-Low Shooting Table was designed for field use or uneven ground, as well as angled areas such as a hillside. The 17” x 33” table surface is large enough to hold rifle or handgun rests, along with ammo and tools. The comfortable, lightweight, portable stand is produced with a ridged, engineering-grade polypropylene top that is available in a dark earth color. MTM lists this with an MSRP of $139.99.

The Gun Cleaning Rod Case was designed to secure up to four rifle and shotgun cleaning rods up to 47” within its foam padded interior. Each rod is held in an individual slot, preventing rattling and damage to the rods during transportation. The case includes room for storing patches, jags, and brushes. Cleaning equipment is organized into a single, transportable container. Available in red, MTM lists this at $29.99.

Finally, the Tactical Mag Can was redesigned specifically for .308 magazines and can hold 10, 20, and 25 round magazines for the .308 AR platform rifles, along with 10 and 20 round magazines for M1A and M14 rifles. It features a reinforced O-ring seal, making it water-resistant, and a latching system that locks the magazines tightly into the case, protecting them during transportation. The Tactical Mag Can holds up to 14 magazines individually secured in pre-cut, closed, military-grade foam. Measuring 17.2” x 10.7” x 9.2” (H) with a double padlock tab and molded-in stacking ridges make it practical for storage. Suggested retail is $27.99.

Contact MTM Case Gard at or 937/890.7461.

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