Shotgun Adjustable Comb Installation Tricks

Unsophisticated mechanics can help with adjustable comb installation in difficult cases.

by Sergey Lyalko

Shotgun fitting is a popular custom service and I’m seeing it growing. While not a new idea – the gun stock has been changing over the centuries to become more functional and convenient – it took a long time to develop an understanding among shooters how fit of the shotgun stock plays a major role in placing the shot where it is expected. Shooting at flying target requires pointing rather than aiming and this pointing is a rapid and intuitive motion, combined with concentration on the flying target and leading it. In such conditions, with limited time and multiple variables, only the correct fit of the gun can insure the impact is where the shooter intends, all other mistakes excluded.

Normally, misfit means a physical inability of the shooter to line up the leading eye with the top rib. In other words, the projection of the rib-line cannot be placed into the center of the eye, though trap shooters often require “high-rib” adjustment to lead the raising target. Misfit often happens with an overly-high comb, insufficient cast-off or length, or other dimensions of the stock inconsistent with the body proportions of a particular shooter.

Even if a line up can be achieved – at the cost of inconvenient and awkward shouldering – it is a misfit. Such an awkward shouldering means some muscles are abnormally tightened to achieve a sighting picture. The concentration on the flying target and trigger pull distracts attention from the muscle control and the body relieves muscles, shifting the point of impact. That mostly goes unnoticed since the recoil smashes these subtle feelings. To eliminate problems with misfit there is a process of fitting the gun to a shooter.

The Fitting Process

Fitting the gun to a shooter is a process of…
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