FFL Compliance And Retail Manager

Online compliance and retail managers may be an ideal fit for your business.

by Dean Meier

Record keeping sucks. It’s tedious and boring, humans are notoriously bad at it, but it remains totally necessary for any successful business. This is especially true of gunsmiths or other firearm sellers as a failure to track transactions and comply the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives can create legal problems, thus adding to the paperwork burden. The Government Paperwork Elimination Act along with industry requests led the ATF to develop eForm 4473 for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems to ease completing Federal Firearms Transaction Records (ATF Form 4473.) However, as of January 16, 2017 the eForm 4473 is deprecated and no longer available for download from the ATF due to a new version of the ATF Form 4473 being released and a lack of update to the existing software to use the new format.

Many businesses and tech-savvy entrepreneur have found cloud-based solutions to be an ideal fit. While it makes for a popular buzzword, cloud computing is simply using someone else’s computer and software via a network, commonly the Internet. Such systems can than be accessed with any Internet-enabled computer and a common browser, eliminating the need to install, update, store, and backup your own software and data for a given use.

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