Beretta 92

A historic, issue handgun for decades, here’s how to work the Beretta 92.

by RK Campbell

One of the most reliable and well-distributed handguns of the previous century is the Beretta Model 92. Despite the introduction of the polymer frame 90-2 and the excellent 92A1, the original 92FS remains one of the most popular handguns in worldwide service. The Beretta is a reliable and reasonably-rugged pistol but there are concerns.

Chief among them is locking block, a design first used with the Mauser 1896 pistol. Few pistols still use such an oscillating wedge but it has worked well in the Beretta, provided it is inspected for wear on a regular basis. Wear isn’t always obvious and a close examination for hair line cracks is needed. For reasons best explained by an engineer, the left wing of the Beretta wedge usually…

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