Sako P75

Working a classic bolt-action .22 Hornet sporter rifle.

by Mark R. Hollensen

Every now and again, something comes into your shop that just catches your eye. This little Sako was one of those guns. It was in for a deep cleaning and a complete inspection as the owner had inherited this little gem and wanted to be sure it was safe to shoot. I checked my extensive library and found absolutely nothing on it. My research quickly found that not much has been written on this rifle, at least not that I was able to locate. No detailed schematics were found other than one that I was unable to secure permission to reprint here and that was more of a drawing and appeared to be incomplete. It looked much like the gun I had in the shop based on the bolt parts drawings.

I was able to run across some patches of information about this rifle. It is well known that Sako firearms are considered to be…

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