Browning Buckmark Varmint/Silhouette

Troubleshooting the Browning Buckmark Varmint and Silhouette .22 pistol models.

by Mark R. Hollensen

I recently had opportunity recently to take in an old favorite – a Browning Buckmark pistol in .22LR. Not just another Buckmark as this old beauty had a 9 7/8” barrel with oversized grips. You don’t see many Buckmarks configured this way, however, the problems it was having was worthy of a write up as it applies to all Buckmark models.

The gun was found to have been manufactured in 1988. Although lacking markings, it was determined to be either a Silhouette or Varmint model. My efforts to locate more specific information was limited beyond this being a long barreled configuration. The absence of forend wood indicated it is a Varmint model, however, the barrel had the screw hole in the bottom so that wood could be affixed. Based on the year of manufacture and options on the gun (or missing from it) I believe this is the Varmint model.

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