Shop-Made Tools, Fixtures, Parts

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Sometimes, making tools, fixtures, and parts for your shop is such a necessity.

by Robert E. Fried

Every gunsmith in the shop has wished there was a tool or fixture to assist them with a particular firearm repair or alteration. The following is an accumulation of 34 years of tools and fixtures made to do the job easier, or just to do a job at hand. Making your own tools, fixtures, and parts will allow you to offer more to your customers without having to turn work down or pay someone else to do it for you. Sometime in your career you will be faced with deciding on making something or passing on the work. Being able to produce in-house is paramount as there will always be that one job demanding it.

There are several companies carrying gunsmithing tools but they focus on the most popular items. When that particular firearm comes in, how best to determine if it’s worth devoting time to design and make the necessary tool for that one job? There are countless task where a special tool will make it easier.

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