Remington 788 Trigger Assembly

Removing the mystery of servicing these once-popular rifles. Here’s how to take care of Remington 788 and their triggers.

by Robert E. Fried

In 1967 through 1970, Remington introduced a new series of rifles with their 788, 580, 581, 540X, 591, and 592. The 788 was a centerfire while the others were rimfire but they all had a couple of things in common, such as rear locking lugs and a newly-designed trigger assembly. For this article we will be focusing on the trigger assembly as they are all the same with the exception of the single-shot 540X bolt-action target rifle. Its trigger assembly is adjustable for weight, sear engagement, and overtravel.

Now that most of these rifles are hitting the 50-year mark, they are sitting in closets, gun cabinets, or safes and pulled out, oiled, then returned time and time again until they will not function. I have seen quite a few come into the shop with common problems, such as the bolt release is stuck, the safety will not work, the trigger is locked in place, or the bolt will not stay cocked. Those problems are all related to the trigger assembly.

Before getting into all the details, the reason for this article is information on this trigger assembly is either lacking or short sighted. In one of the assembly/disassembly books for the model 788, step six starts detailing…

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