The Mauser C96

The “Mauser Military Pistol” is a triumph of the Industrial Revolution and set the stage for modern handguns.

by John M. Buol Jr.
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Handgun Grip Reconstruction

When shooting some heavy recoiling handguns, grip changes can make shooting more tolerable, effective, and with less felt kick.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Finding Information

Though it doesn’t have everything, the Internet has a vast amount of information, ready to read. Here are resources ideal for gunsmiths.

by Ed Nutter
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Making Odd Ones Shoot

The best gunsmithing effort won’t return a completed project to shooting status until ammunition is arranged. Here’s an approach to loading unusual or unavailable cartridges.

by Ray Ordorica
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The “Untouched” Martini-Henry, Part Two

A cautionary tale of restoring a classic single-shot battle rifle. Here’s how I restored the metalwork.

by Paul Mazan
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Operating gunsmiths interested in maintaining profitable shops are wise to keep an eye on emerging trends. Conversations with several gunsmiths recently revealed that some of the most profitable, ongoing work for them includes AR-15 builds (no surprise there), 9mm carbines of various makes (influenced from Pistol Caliber Carbine competition), and suppressors. All three of these are nicely put together in this offering from Desert Design & Development.
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