New For 2018

A selection of new tools and parts for gunsmiths.

by American Gunsmith Staff

Birchwood Casey

Birchwood Casey has made products for gunsmiths for years. Their new Weekender Kit is a consolidated gunsmith kit to help keep firearms running in top form. The Kit comes with professional gunsmith-selected tools, including specialty bits for specific firearms, and a durable hard case to keep things organized. The 27-piece kit includes a nylon and brass faced hammer, precision Phillips and flat screw drivers, brass, steel, synthetic, and roll pin punches, and flat, Phillips, hex, and torx driver bits. MSRP $36., 800/746-6862.

Real Avid

Started in 2009, Real Avid makes tools for gunsmiths and firearm enthusiasts. The Spot Light Precision Cleaning Kit is a multi-tool with built-in light. Three LED lights are built into the handle to illuminate the tool and work. The handle can hold a selection of included tools, such quick-change cleaning tips and swab holder that accommodates most common cotton swabs and patches, brass pick, nylon and brass scrapers, and nylon and bronze brushes. MSRP $29.99.

The Armorer’s Master Wrench is an ergonomic update that delivers serious torque. Designed to be the most comfortable and accurate wrench on the market for torquing barrel nuts and castle nuts, this tool also features muzzle brake and fixed stock receiver wrenches. Included in the handle are three interchangeable nylon, brass, and rubber hammerheads. MSRP $59.99.

The Lug-Lock Vise Block uses the strength of the barrel lugs to safely secure an AR-15 upper during work. Rather than clamping the upper receiver into a vise, the Lug-Lok secures any upper receiver by fitting into the barrel extension with a non-marring, machined aluminum block. Additional pins hold the working angle steady and a Lock Knob keeps the upper where wanted. MSRP $69.99.

The Master Bench Block is designed to improve the installation and disassembly process of critical pins on AR-15s, handling 14 of them from 5 different components. The block is wrapped in an over-molding that grips to the bench. Clear, engraved labels aid in organization of component placement and the punch size needed for each pin is listed. Magnets inside the holding areas keep pins from getting lost. MSRP $29.99

The Smart-Fit AR-15 Vise Block provides solid support for lower receivers by inserting into the magazine well. Adjustments customize the fit to any lower and the Pivot Lock positions it as needed. This block can also be used with an inverted lower receiver to work on pistol grips or to allow easy access to the underside. MSRP $29.99., 800/286-0567


The Bore Stick is composed of VCI corrosion inhibitor to protect guns from rust and corrosion. When inserted into a barrel, the flexible Bore Stick slowly emits molecules that create a protective barrier on the metal surface. Using the included plug to date and cap the muzzle and with a closed action, the sealed chamber will last for two years. Available in rifle, shotgun and pistol lengths.

Foaming Bore Cleaner expands on its own and does much of the cleaning work for you. When sprayed into the breech end, the foam expands and fills in, ensuring complete coverage before breaking down when done. The residue can be easily wiped away with a standard cleaning cord or rod and patch., 800/OTIS-GUN

XS Sights

F8 Night Sights are high-visibility personal defense sights for fast target acquisition in all light conditions. Featuring a figure-eight, inline sight picture for two-point alignment, the F8 sights are designed to increase front sight focus due to the large (0.160” wide) high-contrast front sight with a photoluminescent orange-colored ring surrounding the tritium. This proprietary, durable XS Orange paint is formulated with a focus on yellow, one of the most visible colors in low light, making it easier to see in rapidly changing light conditions.

In addition to the tritium, F8 Night Sights also absorb ambient light, increasing the glow in differing light levels and providing illumination before the tritium becomes visible. The chamfered notch eliminates the bottom edges of the sight, drawing focus to the top edges for proper alignment. The overhung rear sight reduces glare in bright daylight for greater sight definition and its angled ledge aids in one-handed slide manipulations in emergency situations.

F8 Night Sights have a ten-year, “no questions asked” warranty. After 10 years, XS will replace the sight at a discounted price. MSRP: $184.99., 888/744-4880

CMC Barrels

CMC’s Match Precision Barrels are upgrade, drop-in barrels for Gen 3 and 4 Glock 17,19, and 34 pistols. Machined from certified, DFARS-compliant, pre-hardened 416R stainless to tight tolerances and exacting details with CMC’s propriety, in-house machining process, the barrels are six groove, cut rifled, 1:10 twist right hand and double honed (rough and finish) with a max Roughness Average (RA) of 12 or better. The finished bore dimensions are held to +/- 0.0005” tolerance from nominal groove and bore dimensions but the dimensions are uniform to within 0.0002 for maximum consistency.

Three finish options include stainless satin blast finish, bronze TiCN, and black DLC, all with a low friction hBN (Hexagonal Boron Nitride) bore and chamber. Available with and without suppressor threads in 1/2-28 TPI RH. MSRP $199., 817/563-6611.

T-Worx Holdings

The Intelligent Rail AR-15/M4 upgrade kit is an integrated power and data communications system that is easily installed on any AR-style modern sporting rifle. Included in the Sportsman kit is a buttstock, handguard with M-Lok, integrated I-Rail quad-rail, a three-button switch pad, tactical light, and wireless communications module. The Defender kit includes a Steiner DBAL aiming laser and an integrated Silynx radio push-to-talk module.

The custom buttstock houses a 12-cell AA battery pack that routes power to the I-Rail through an armored sleeve and connector. Within the kit is a floating handguard with M-Lok outfitted with a powered rail system with Picatinny profile.

Unique to the Intelligent Rail kit is a patented power core and data connection embedded into the rail system, providing managed power to compatible accessories, such as lights and cameras. A software developer kit is available for accessory manufacturers to adapt the power and data to their devices., 703/348-5915

JP Enterprises

The Fire Control Module is a drop-in unit that easily installs, requires no adjustments, and includes an ambidextrous safety and swappable trigger shoes. The new safety drum is compatible with all JP safety levers and trigger shoes and can be swapped in just a few minutes. The pull weight is adjustable with changeable hammer springs. The included yellow and red hammer springs can be swapped out by the user to create 3.0-3.5lbs (yellow) or 3.5-4.0lbs (red) pull weights. This will fit any receiver with standard mil-spec pin geometry., 651/426-9196.


Gunwerks announced their new Stockwerks line of stocks for 2018. The Clymr is intended for mountain rifles with titanium actions and carbon Proof Research barrels where weight reduction is a premium. Using carbon fiber layup technology, the stock has an aluminum bedding block, flush-mount bipod rail, and full length-of-pull adjustability while remaining among the lightest stocks available.

The Magnus is a do-all rifle stock that’s light enough to carry anywhere yet capable of extended range performance. Built of light carbon fiber construction and configurable CNC inletting, this stock has adjustable recoil pad hardware to fit the shooter and a flush-mount bipod rail.

The Verdict is designed for maximizing performance at extreme range. A fully configurable and adjustable rifle stock system built with carbon fiber composite layup, it comes with optional M-LOK accessory rails, inletting that can be precisely machined to match any barrel and action combination, adjustable negative comb, adjustable butt pad, and adjustable cheekpiece., 877/GUN-WERKS

Skyhorse Publishing

Completely updated with new color photographs throughout, Small Bore Rifles by C. Rodney James provides a starting point for the beginner as well as a current summary of the state of smallbore rifles, ammunition, and shooting for intermediate shooters. The tested tips, tactics, and techniques for smallbore rimfires includes sections on ammunition, rifle selection, shooting techniques, maintenance, hunting, competition shooting, and field performance for smallbore rifles.

The Guns & Ammo series includes two books from the editors and writing staff of iiGuns & Ammo magazine. The Guns & Ammo Guide to AR-15s covers a range of topics, including AR home defense, military view points, bore conditions that affect a cold-bore shot, Geissele triggers, aperture sights, High Power competition, and historical AR systems.

The Guns & Ammo Guide to AK-47s covers the most widely-distributed firearm in history and includes topics such as building an AK, mounting optics, devices for minimizing felt recoil and flash, cold-weather training, making an AK California-legal, zeroing and ballistic information, and AK variants from around the world., 212/643-6816.

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