Precision Scope Mounting The Remington XP-100

Conventional scope mounting often fails to bring out best accuracy in a firearm. Here’s how a quality scope mounting system on the legendary, half-century old Remington XP-100 pistol changed all that.

by Norman E. Johnson
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Fun With Flintlocks

Inexpensive flintlocks are great project guns to learn how to work on a host of gunsmithing tasks. Here’s how to hone your skills with one of the oldest firearm types.

by Paul Mazan
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Gas Tube Alignment Revisited

The never-ending saga continues. Here’s an update on gas tube alignment for AR-15 builds.

by Joe Carlos
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Ruger Revolver Tuning

Ruger’s single-action revolvers have a deserved reputation for reliability but benefit from gunsmith attention. Here’s how to tune them up.

by RK Campbell
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HM Defense HMB Bolt

The AR-15 is America’s longest serving service rifle and has a deserved reputation for performance and reliability. However, as with any machine, parts can fail. While not a particular weak point (10,000 round counts are a reasonable minimum) AR-15 bolts can break. One potential point of failure is the center hole fitting the cam pin.

HM Defense designs, develops, and produces AR rifles and parts that feature a number of their own patent-pending technologies. The company manufactures and final machines rifle components in-house in their Mt. Orab, Ohio facility. To improve bolt longevity, HM Defense designed their HMB Bolt, an enhanced durability part for M16/AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The HMB Bolt corrects a natural weak point in existing bolts where the cam pin hole passes through. Under extensive use, standard bolts can fail there. The HMB Bolt eliminates the pass-through cam pin hole and replaces it with a socket and tapered pin. This reinforces a natural weak point by significantly increasing the amount of metal and strength at the cam pin location.
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