Gas Tube Alignment Revisited

The never-ending saga continues. Here’s an update on gas tube alignment for AR-15 builds.

by Joe Carlos

When I published the predecessor to this article way back in March 2014, the title did not contain “Part One” because at the time I thought I had thoroughly covered the topic and put things to rest. Since then, the rules for one of the biggest and most popular matches on the planet (CMP Service Rifle Nationals at Camp Perry) have changed.

My original article covered Service Rifle AR-15s as they had to look like a stock M16A2 as seen in any military arms room around the country. This included A2 look-a-like handguards. Hidden underneath, however, you were permitted to install a float tube to remove sling tension from the barrel. Companies offering these units normally marketed them as a set, including the float tube, modified A2 handguards, and a gas tube with custom bends designed to keep it from contacting the handguard at any point.

While the actual float tube may have been made in-house, the modified A2 handguards and custom gas tubes were almost universally…

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