New AR-15 Products

Cool stuff for America’s favorite rifle.

by Joe Carlos

It sometimes seems like new goodies for the Stoner platform are appearing on nearly daily basis. So by the time this appears in print I am sure there will be dozens and perhaps hundreds of new products that haven’t been covered. With that said, the baker’s dozen or so that I am about to talk about cover a variety of disciplines so there should be something of interest to most of you. Skip those items not of interest to you or not legal in competitions you build guns for. Let’s get right to it.

LTL Gauge.

The LTL Gauge is not AR-15 specific but it is particularly useful for precision rifles, particularly the National Match Course competition AR-15s that I build.

Read more in the June 2018 issue.

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LTL Gauge demo (not AR-15 specific, just a general demo of function):

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