Building and Using a Better Pistol Rest

There is a good chance you can vastly improve your pistol shooting accuracy – and you won’t need a machine rest to do it. Building a reliable pistol rest, along with a sound shooting technique, is a good place to begin.

by Norman E. Johnson

This treatise is a spinoff of my American Gunsmith article in the May 2018 issue covering precision scope mounting the Remington XP-100 pistol. In that article I wrote, “In the load and accuracy of various scoped pistols I had designed and built a special pistol rest. Properly used it pretty much eliminates the human error in testing”. This generated a response by the AG editor and others to see if I had any interest in writing up an article on how to build this pistol rest. Here are my efforts toward that end.

Basic Design Principles

You won’t need to be a design engineer or a master machinist to build this pistol rest. Nor is it necessary to follow in precise detail the protocol inherent to my exact plan. In the construction of this pistol rest, now 44 years past, it is evident I used some parts that were readily available to me at the time. As an inventor, I don’t throw many things away.

The basic function here involves…

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