Improved AK Trigger

Kalashnikov rifles are the most produced in history. Every firearm can benefit from an improved trigger. Here’s an evaluation and installation instructions for FIME Group’s FCG trigger for AK/RPK rifles.

by RK Campbell
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Big Modern Sporting Rifles

The AR-15 and AR-10 may be ubiquitous but this platform can be made to handle much larger cartridges.

by Dean Meier
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SADLAK Scope Mount

SADLAK’s scope mount is an ideal way to add optics to M14/M1A rifles.

by Bill Smith
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Super Winchester .338

Here’s how to make an outstanding Winchester M70 chambered in .338 Winchester Magnum.

by Ray Ordorica
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British Enfield History, Part Two

Wrapping up our history of British Enfield service rifles, we’ll finish with the bolt-action repeaters.

by Paul Mazan

In Part One we took a look at the muzzleloading and single-shot British service rifles manufactured at the Royal Small Arms Factory in the London Borough of Enfield. In this segment we will look at the bolt-action repeaters.

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