SADLAK Scope Mount

SADLAK’s scope mount is an ideal way to add optics to M14/M1A rifles.

by Bill Smith

Optics are becoming increasingly more common on military rifles. While classic self-loading military rifles such as the M14/M1A were released a generation before this trend, SADLAK Industries (, 860/742-0227) has a ready solution.

Mike Sadlak started in the industry in 1989 as Sadlak Innovative Design, an engineering studio developing solutions for manufacturing and assembly companies. As his company grew, he sought out new opportunities and began looking into components for firearms. SADLAK Industries has two primary product lines, one in the AR market featuring their gas blocks and the other for M14/M1A rifles featuring their Premium Scope Mount.

Prior to SADLAK’s design, Brookfield Precision Tool was the original designer and manufacturer of this type of mount. Commonly known as three-point contact M14 scope mount, the Brookfield was an improvement over the original aluminum military mounts. When Brookfield ceased operations in the mid-1990s, Mike Sadlack offered his own design with a number of important improvements.

First was the…

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