Improved AK Trigger

Kalashnikov rifles are the most produced in history. Every firearm can benefit from an improved trigger. Here’s an evaluation and installation instructions for FIME Group’s FCG trigger for AK/RPK rifles.

by RK Campbell

No matter how great the history or performance of a given firearm there is always room for improvement. I do not carry a 1913 Colt, instead, I carry the most modern 1911. Those that favor a truly reliable and capable Kalashnikov rifle choose the Arsenal. Any rifle will do to hang on the wall but for those that keep such a rifle on hand for extensive shooting and for emergency use, the Arsenal is a favorite.

There have been issues with some AK rifles. Some of this issues are related to cheap production of certain units and some issues are related to the original design. The trigger mechanism is one such component. To help with this, FIME Group (, 702/215.3600) has spent over a year developing, engineering, and proofing their Fire Control Group AK/RPK trigger, an American made, hardened, two-stage replacement trigger made with mil-spec ratings on the steel. The trigger itself is of all steel construction and has a black protective coating over the hardened steel. The workmanship and finish are good and the trigger group should provide many years of reliable service. The unit is routinely available for forty dollars, and often available for less, which is inexpensive and more than fair for this type of quality. They will have to sell a lot of these to recoup tooling costs and I believe they will.

The issue I am most concerned with in standard AK rifles and modifications of the original action is…

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