Wood-Stocked AR-15s

The AR-15 was first created to take advantage of “space age” materials but new offerings can make modern sporting rifles more traditional. Wood stocks provide a classy new look of a combat classic.

NOTE: Wood For AR by Lucid (WoodForAR.com, 605/996-7474) phone number doesn’t work.

by Dean Meier
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Winchester 1912 Restoration

A project repairing and cold bluing a Winchester Model 1912.

by Paul Mazan
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Permanent Rifle Bedding

Here’s the results of bedding a M1A rifle action in its stock permanently; that is, epoxied together as one unit. Ancillary comments on increasing stock rigidity are included.

by J. C. Tate, CDR USN (Ret)
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The Safety Fast Shooting System

Carrying “cocked and locked” may give a threatening appearance to some. For those that need or want another option, here’s how to install the Cylinder & Slide Safety Fast Shooting System.

by Charlie Briggs
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S&W Bodyguard Upgrades

A popular carry gun, the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard 380 from the M&P series can be made more comfortable and reliable by simple mechanical means. Here’s how I upgrade them.

by Sergey Lyalko
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