Beretta Model 76

Produced from 1971 to 1985, Beretta’s Model 76 was the company’s 70-series semi-automatic .22LR target pistol. Here’s how to maintain on work on it.

by Mark R. Hollensen

A customer recently brought me in a target pistol that I honestly was unfamiliar with other than seeing on occasion. In other words, this pistol was the first to hit my bench for a much needed cleaning and a couple of parts. After taking possession of the Beretta Model 76, I began looking for information about it from multiple sources, (including my own library, but could not find anything informative about it. I did run across a copy of the original owner’s manual – a two-page pamphlet about the pistol, how to disassemble it for cleaning, and a parts schematic. Needless to say, there were no “how to disassemble it completely” instructions or step-by-step dismantling information to be found, at least by me. So, I felt a write-up was in order.

Some of my research revealed that…

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