The Safety Fast Shooting System

Carrying “cocked and locked” may give a threatening appearance to some. For those that need or want another option, here’s how to install the Cylinder & Slide Safety Fast Shooting System.

by Charlie Briggs

Given the choice, most of us would prefer to carry a 1911 “cocked and locked.” That is, in Condition One with the hammer back, the safety on, and a round chambered. This is the preferred method in many knowledgeable defensive shooting circles and is perfectly safe with a properly-functioning pistol carried by a properly-trained shooter. But, for those who really care, it may not be not politically correct in other circles. That hammer visibly cocked back makes some people nervous, sometimes even among people in the know. As a result, many police departments don’t allow their officers to carry a 1911 at all.

Fortunately, there’s a clever remedy.

Read more in the August 2018 issue.

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