Lone Wolf Distributors

Lone Wolf Distributors are offering three connectors for Glock handguns at a 50% savings over retail. The release of their newest Target (321-1) connector led to the creation of the Ultimate Connector Kit. This kit includes three 3.5 pound connectors (342 Original, 721 Classic, and 342-1 Target) and a six-pound trigger spring. Retail price for all three would be $58 but Lone Wolf sells them in a package for $28.92. The idea is to have three options for the optimum trigger in your project.

The 342 Original connector is an upgrade from Glock’s 3.5# connectors with hundreds of thousands of units sold. Feedback from shooters led to the creation of the 342-1 Target connector. For those preferring it, the 721 Classic connector is an upgraded version of Glock’s original “long minus” connector. Pair any of these connectors with the 6# trigger spring and trigger pull is improved. These fit all Glock Gen2 through Gen5 pistols except for G42/43. For the G42/43, Lone Wolf offers a 3.5# G42/43 connector.

TimberWolf Frame

The TimberWolf can be a direct replacement for Gen3 Glock frames or used as the foundation of a custom-built Glock. Included features and upgrades include a choice of two quick-change backstraps, rounded trigger guard, extended beaver tail, round mag catch, improved checkering, higher grip angle, and improved rail system.

The TimberWolf frame is the smallest, sculpted grip available for the Glock and works with Gen3 models. The Compact covers 19/23/32 and FullSize covers 17/22/34/35/17L/24/37. The TimberWolf frame includes the basic parts unique to it and all remaining parts are standard “fit and function.”

A new redesigned TimberWolf frame is compatible with Gen3, 4, 5 slides, provides 16 different grip configurations in full and compact sizes, choice of grip textures, and no finger grooves.

For more information contact Lone Wolf Distributors at LoneWolfDist.com or 208/448-0600.

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