Polymer Grip Texturing

Using the SIG 320 as an example, I’ll show you a novel method for enhancing the grip on polymer pistols.

by Charles Parker

As a competitive shooter I have always sought a better gripping surface for my firearms. I am not a fan of wearing gloves in most situations and the problem of sweaty or wet hands due to weather conditions has always plagued me. The last thing I need is something else influencing my shot process or plan of action.

After three months during which I made a complete transition to the SIG SAUER P320 for the majority of my shooting, I started experimenting with improved the gripping surfaces. I have done some stippling in the past and while that generally works and looks fine, I found that on the P320 and other polymer-framed pistols, stippling did not offer a drastic enough improvement for my needs.

I have tried grip tape from various manufacturers with various textures but none of them seemed to offer the permanent solution I was looking for. Researching different gripping surfaces online I developed a plan and put it into action.

Read more in the September 2018 issue.

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