Fitting Tombstone Grips

A guide to grip fitting procedures. I’ll demonstrate using Tombstone Grips but this will work for others.

by RK Campbell

Installing grips often involves more than simply screwing grips onto the frame. Quite often some fitting is needed. I have discovered less-than-ideal fit on many modern revolvers. The procedures I have used to realign and fit these grips is simple but requires attention to detail.

A good source for aftermarket grips for classic firearms is Tombstone Grips (, fax 541/826-8669). Over the past decade or so I have used quite a few sets from Tombstone. They offer modern synthetic grips for many popular revolvers as well as some for the more difficult-to-find handguns such as the Colt 1903. The grips are well made of good material and they are not difficult to properly fit when the initial fit is not perfect. They’re purposely made just a bit over sized as there are variances in production specifications among handguns. Fitting the grips properly to a vintage handgun is important and so is adjusting and modifying the finish of the individual grips. Other companies include Eagle Grips (, 800-323-6144), Gripmaker (, 417-359-8880), and MD Grips (, 615/384-0424)

As an example, a common type is their…

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