Precision Bedding For Winchester Model 70 Stealth II Rifles

Few rifles bear close resemblance when it comes down to bedding for best accuracy and there are no real mysteries involved.

by Norman E. Johnson

As I bed the action of a rifle, I liken it to going quietly to sleep – the less tossing and turning, the better. The metal-to-stock contact must be as uniform and solid as possible. An action that moves around and fails to settle down in its bed won’t allow its groups to settle down very well either. I’ve termed these “restless groups.”

Here I will cover precision bedding a Winchester Model 70 short action: a bolt action Stealth II Varmint rifle into its factory-issue composite target stock. In addition to the original .25 Winchester Super Short Magnum, I have chambered this rifle for the .243 WSSM and .300 Winchester Short Magnum, conforming to my own switch barrel rifle process.

Not all rifle action types are suited to…

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