Kimber K6s Revolver

While looking very much like a S&W J-Frame, the Kimber K6s shows some improvements.

by RK Campbell

Recently, I was looking over the, a website with good information concerning history, photography, and some firearms. Ed Buffaloe is a featured photographer there. He is also a holster maker.

Consider, where are you going to find a holster for the Colt 1903 for concealed carry? My example is getting well worn but works just fine for this classic firearm. What might be a more modern revolver that could be used instead? Ed made a shooting review of the Kimber K6s revolver. While we engage primarily in gunsmithing projects and fixes instead of shooting reviews in this publication, Ed and I came to the same shooting conclusions: The revolver is more accurate than I can hold and kicks a lot, especially with Magnum ammunition. I decided to take a hard look at the Kimber revolver and do a pre-emptive study of it before a K6s comes into the job.

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