Nambu Type 14

The Japanese Nambu Type 14 chambered in 8x22mm is not as uncommon as you think. Here’s how to handle one if it should cross your bench.

by Mark R. Hollensen

I realize that much has been written about the Nambu, with many resource books and media currently available to the consumer and gunsmith. This particular pistol on my bench came to me for a detailed inspection, cleaning, and check to be certain that it was in firing condition. A deep cleaning was definitely in order, as the internals of the gun were packed in heavy grease. Not cosmoline; grease. The good news for my customer was that this pistol was in great shape, had a very shiny bore, no broken parts, and all serial numbers matched. I suspect the grease helped to preserve the internals and my customer was very delighted to hear he had an all numbers matching, shooting condition Nambu.

Historical Information

Even before our own military adopted the praised 1911 semi-automatic pistol, the Japanese Nambu 8x22mm or “8mm Jap Nambu” was in full service with Japanese officers carrying it. And although it is often confused with the German Luger pistols by some, it was not copied from it and therefore has no similarities other than being a semi-automatic pistol.

The first model produced is recognized by its…

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