The Country Doctor

Unless you’re running a big-time custom shop, run your gunsmith practice in the same way that an old fashioned doctor conducted his.

by Bill Smith

This is aimed at Mr. Average, the probably small-time gunsmith. It is not for large shops and the competition gun boys with factory-sponsored champions that can afford full page ads in American Handgunner magazine. It is for the “no name” gunsmith that nobody is writing up when they fixed up the gun used to shoot a “world record” jack rabbit. Specialty, big-time shops, and custom makers that regularly do business in well in to the six-figure range and up aren’t going to understand this anyway. Their primary interest is in selling you their add-on parts and making more profit. That’s all well and good for if we small-timers buy and sell their parts in our work we provide a service to our customers while also making a profit, something that is (or should be) the goal of everyone in business in anything.

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