Mystique Means Money

Learning what make your business and services unique – and what to avoid – can prove profitable.

by Bill Smith

Let’s look at mystique. We all recognize it when we see a bottle of good wine or a pretty girl advertising that wine. Mystique is nothing but hype to sell the product. Selling the product means money for the producers of wine, cars, perfume or anything else, including Preparation H.

This immediately begs the question: Do gunsmiths have mystique? You can damn well bet your broken pin punch they do! All you have to do is understand it and then take advantage of it.

So, where is it? What is it? How can I find mine? When I do find it, how can I make it work for me? Read on, uninformed one, and be glad you did for your life will be enhanced.

First, we have to back up a bit and take a look at who we are and what in particular a gunsmith is. We are made up of…

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