Marlin 60

The Marlin 60 is a ubiquitous .22 rifle and one is likely to eventually find its way into your shop. Here’s how to disassemble, maintain, functions check, and fix it.

by RK Campbell

The Marlin 60 .22 Long Rifle semiautomatic rimfire rifle is a remarkably long lived firearm with millions of examples in service. In over forty years of dealing with firearms I can state that I have never seen a Marlin 60 failure related to the design or manufacture. Neglect in the form of a failure to clean, corrosion, and simple wear has been the usual culprit behind malfunctions of any type.

Disassembling the Model 60 is easy, so simple in fact that you may do so with only a screwdriver. That is probably a record of some type. Before looking at the common problems and how to fix them, lets dive into disassembly.

Remove the…

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