FN FAL “Frankengun”

Known as the “Right Arm of the Free World”, the FN FAL has numerous variations. This sometimes leads to builds becoming a sort of Modern Prometheus with mixed parts. Here’s how I returned one to function.

by Dave Strom

The Fusil Automatique Léger by Fabrique Nationale Herstal is a famed self-loading battle rifle made in over 90 countries in vast numbers and variations. At one time many were declared surplus and the receivers cut apart. American companies bought this “scrap”, made receivers and other parts, and then assembled the semi automatic rifles for the American market. These guns have been made with parts in various condition. They might be like new or worn out. The phrase “tolerance stacking” takes on a whole new meaning with some of these rifles. Many manufactures are out of business due to shoddy manufacturing, adding further to the range of quality. Some, of course, are top notch in quality.

Recently one of these FN FAL “Frankenguns” was brought to me for repair. All I was told is it…

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