Paul Mazan Books

Percy For Sheriff

From author Paul Mazan.

My new book Percy for Sheriff is now available on Amazon ( in both Paperback and Kindle format. This is the followup to Chicago Rhapsody that many have been asking for. Dick Dzik and Percy are off on two different investigations this time. Both stories are full of surprises and a bit of humor. My editor thinks this is the best thing I’ve written and I do hope you agree.

Book two in the adventures of a cop with a smart mouth and a smarter K-9. When an armored car robbery goes bad in Des Moines, the two surviving crooks end up hold up in Dick Dzik’s county. They think they have everyone outsmarted without realizing that every move they make in rural Iowa is giving them away. Conflict erupts between the Des Moines Police Chief and Dick but, impressed with the quick solution to the Armored Car Robbery, the Mayor insists the Chief bring in Dick and Percy to investigate a case of police corruption that they have not been able to solve. Two characters from book one including Dick’s former girlfriend show up and causes tension between Dick and his new girlfriend. Late one lonely night, Dick and Percy crack the case and the race is on to see if Dick can get the evidence to the Attorney General before the bad cops find him.

Check out author Paul Mazan’s other books on Amazon, including Chicago Rhapsody: A Dick Dzik and Percy Novel, An American Odyssey, Heart of a Warrior, Fighting Poles, Quinton, and Vengeance.

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