The Weatherby Mark V Switch Barrel

The adaptability of a switch-barrel rifle can serve a shooter’s needs in many ways and at a much lesser cost than having a rifle for each chambering.

by Norman E. Johnson

Not all rifles are readily alterable to switch-barrel use but those that are can offer the shooter a wide range of shooting performance. As a practical switch-barrel application the set-up should be easy to work with, safe, not overly expensive to make up, and fully as accurate, or better, than the unaltered parent rifle. Where this is attained, it will likely set the stage for some interesting and enjoyable shooting.

Over an extended period spanning a couple decades, I have converted a good number of different types of rifles to switch-barrel use. This has involved more than 140 barrels and a variety of action types, chamberings, stocks, triggers, and sighting equipment. Among those actions I have worked with are the post-1964 Model 70 Winchester, 40X Remington, Remington XP-100, Model 700 Remington series, Savage M12 series, Stevens single barrel, Thompson/Center TCR 83, Ruger M77, and more recently, the Weatherby Mark V action as used for standard cartridges.

The Weatherby Mark V is a somewhat lighter version of the legendary Weatherby Mark V Magnum action and the topic for this article. The bolt has…

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