DoD Small Arms Repair Technician

The Soldiers are my customers. What does this customer need and how can I provide that based on time, money, and equipment?

by Stephanie Martz

A month ago one of my mentors was going over a method of teaching various grip techniques on a handgun. Throughout the conversation if he saw me waver at any point he would ask, “Do you understand?” If I said no, he would restate what I missed in a different way, once I understood, we could move onto the next technique. I realized that my mind was a lot more willing to let new information in if I had an understanding of the previous information.

Based off of that, I’ll start this article off by giving you an understanding of my position and what I do. I will then relate it to a specific scenario and dive a bit into the age-old argument of irons versus optics from a maintenance perspective. While I’m sure plenty of gunsmiths reading this understand Army lingo, I’ll try to keep it to a minimum.

The Army National Guard is a…

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