Rossi M37 Revolver

A take on the classic snubnose revolvers popular for concealment for years, here’s how to conduct disassembly and troubleshooting on the Rossi M37.

by RK Campbell

The Rossi M37 and their similar revolvers were manufactured in Brazil by Amadeo Rossi SA originally founded founded in 1889 in São Leopoldo, Brazil. After many years of manufacturing revolvers, shotguns, and lever action rifles, Rossi was purchased by Taurus and the Rossi company name remains on an inexpensive .22 revolver, lever action rifles, and a single-shot shotgun. In this report I am covering the most numerous of Rossi products – a five-shot double action revolver. These are commonly referred to a J-frame revolvers and are a clone of the Smith & Wesson Chief’s Special with some differences.

These revolvers were intended as a…

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