Carbon Caper: Rico Morgan Book 2

American Gunsmith authors also pursue other writing. Ray Ordorica released the second novel of his Rico Morgan series, Carbon Caper. Available as eBook or print from Amazon.

A triple murder in back-woods Idaho has Rico Morgan stumped. Two well-known TV personalities and a bum, dead for what reason? Could it be diamonds? Maybe one big one? The murders lead Rico, Mole and the gang to adventures in Mexico City, then into the lion’s den in Caracas. Thing is, the lion hired ’em! Rogue CIA men throw a wrench in the works, and the Russian presence in Venezuela doesn’t help. It’s a rock-hard tale as modern as tomorrow, and it has nothin’ to do with climate!

Interview with Ray Ordorica:

So Rico and Mole are at it again, eh? Why Caracas?
Actually I had no idea we’d be going to Caracas when I had the guys in the canoe in chapter one. Nor did I know what was stolen. The story evolved from news events. But then, why not Caracas? The Venezuelan scene is hot in today’s news, and even more turbulent than in the book. The rock mentioned is also a big news item. Most of the big news events in the story are true, though I took some liberty with the leaders in VeeZee… There are some really spooky images of the blacked-out city online. It’s also the murder capitol of the world, with 98% never solved.

That bit about the big Linebaugh revolver…True?
The 475 and 500 Linebaughs have indeed killed elephant. I had one for some years and sold it for the reasons discussed in the book. If you hold a hugely powerful gun like the 500 Linebaugh wrong you’re going to get badly hurt. Current loadings for it are even more scary than what’s presented in the book.

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