Remington Model 10

Marketed as the Remington Repeating Shotgun, the Model 10 is a classic, battle-tested pump action.

by Mark R. Hollensen

I received a phone call recently from a potential customer, claiming that he had this old shotgun that belonged to his grandfather (his favorite rabbit gun he reported) and that he was in the process of cleaning it up and possibly going to brown the metal. He went on to say that he had taken the shotgun to two gun shops and was told in both cases that the gun was junk and, “Good luck finding anyone to work on it!” I asked him what the shotgun was and he quickly told me it was a Remington Model 10 pump shotgun in 12 gauge.

I had done a little work on one of these in the past, so I asked him what he wanted done to it. He stated that he mainly wanted the shotgun…

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