A Tale of Two Colts

One can never have too many .45s. These different 1911s can help decide on ideal specs for your builds.

by Robert Kolesar

A new Colt .45 Auto is always a welcome addition to the stable. Late last year my semi-annual desire for another 1911 returned with a vengeance; a quick check of the safe revealed a critical gap in the Colt lineup. No worries, though. The annual SHOT Show would be coming soon in January; Colt would be there with lots of pistols to see and think about. I was leaning towards another full-sized Government Model .45 with a few extras. I own several competition-tuned 1911s and a couple of collector-grade Colts but nothing that could be considered a modern, defensive .45. It was time to add another shooter that wasn’t just a paper-punching machine.

I wanted a Government Model that would be a serious carry gun as well as a fun gun to shoot. Now, the easiest approach would be to buy a…

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