Inspecting Your Work

Once upon a time, there was a Glock G19 in my shop… Here’s the story and what I learned about inspecting and documenting my gunsmith work.

by Mark R. Hollensen

Several months ago I took in a Glock Gen4 Model G19 with an MOS (Modular Optic System) slide for an aftermarket trigger and spring kit installation upgrade. During disassembly of the MOS slide to reach the firing pin, I quickly found that the extractor detent rod and spring assembly wouldn’t withdraw as it was locked into the slide. Removal of the MOS plate and both screws revealed that the plate had been installed with the long screw on the extractor side, a common mistake by Glock enthusiasts if not paying attention to the instructions. The screws were simply reversed and the aftermarket kits were subsequently inspected, installed, and dressed until the pistol worked smoothly and had a nice lockup and newly reduced trigger pull.

Fast forward to the present date. I took in what appeared to be another Glock G19 from the same customer for what he stated was a serious problem. During the initial telephone call, he relayed to me that…

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