Secubit WeaponLogic

The WeaponLogic system from Secubit is an ecosystem of preventive maintenance and inventory management for large scale firearms management. Using an artificial intelligence-based system aimed at eliminating malfunctions in crucial situations, WeaponLogic is designed to improve mission success and personnel survivability.

WeaponLogic is a set of tools that gathers and analyses comprehensive weapon usage data. Data driven maintenance and smart weapon inventory management based on actual usage is gathered by constantly reviewing each weapon. The system provides optimization to 99% shot accuracy. This data provides immediate indications regarding weapon state and ammunition consumption. The system’s Smart Counter learns each specific weapon’s characteristics and provides analysis. The system’s Reader and Dashboard applications diagnose the data retrieved from each Smart Counter to create preemptive maintenance and ease inventory management. The system alerts the armorer which weapons require service and current supply status. The collected data is sorted and displayed in an easy to use interface with customization features.

WeaponLogic Smart Counter is a light-weight, simple to operate device, with an information storage capacity of up to one million shots, rapid data presentation, and a battery life with up to ten operation years. This information is transferred via RFID to the Reader and provides data on the weapon’s status within seconds. The Dashboard application provides data analysis and representation of each weapon’s condition and inventory management. It is compatible with Windows 7 and higher. Both the Reader and Dashboard applications provide usage data and analytics reflecting the weapon’s operational status for preventative and precise maintenance, along with inventory management features.

“WeaponLogic was developed to meet the needs of the forces in Latin America and the weapons in use in the region,” says Ruby Shasha, Secubit VP Marketing and Sales. “Secubit is looking forward to expand its cooperation in Latin America countries by providing a preemptive weapon maintenance system for enhanced cost-effective use of small arms.”

For more information about Secubit and WeaponLogic, visit or call 972-9-899-8125

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