The Beretta Olimpia, Part Two

Disassembly, parts breakdown, and schematic of Beretta’s “semi-auto bolt action” rifle and carbine.

by Brian R Smith

Disassembly of an Olimpia rifle or carbine (carbine in the accompanying photos) starts with ensuring that the chamber is empty and the magazine has been removed. Next, pull back the bolt handle and rotate it in the rear notch to lock the breech open. Then push in the breech release button and lift up the rear of the breech and breech bolt as an assembly and withdraw to the rear, setting it aside.

The hammer will be cocked. To release it, the spring-loaded trigger catch lever located in front of the receiver tang will need to be depressed while the trigger is pulled and the hammer is released in a controlled manner. This is a “three-hand job” but can be done with two hands if you’re dexterous.

Invert the rifle in a rifle vise or bench sandbags. Using properly-fit hollow ground screwdrivers…

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