RBL Shotgun Trigger Conversion

A double trigger shotgun can be converted into a single trigger even at a small shop. Here’s how it’s done.

by Sergey Lyalko

RBL (Round Body Launch) is a line of shotguns designed and manufactured by the Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company (CSMC, RBLshotgun.com, 860/225-6581). Created and guided by Antony Galazan, this company manufactures some high-end shotguns of classic design as well as their own in-house designs.

For this article, the gun of interest is a 28 gauge 2017 side-by-side boxlock with double-trigger mechanism. The customer came to my shop and declared that he cannot use this gun. The reason was simple – he has a small palm with short fingers. As a result, he could not reach the front trigger.
Extending the front trigger to the rear – which presents a challenge by itself – would not solve this problem as the rear trigger becomes unusable.

The evident solution would be a…

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